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United Kingdom

"Plastics litter in any environment is unacceptable"

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) along with everyone else wants to leave the environment in a better place for future generations. Through its document ‘Plastics: A Vision for a Circular Economy’ it has committed to minimising plastic entering the sea. To achieve this it is working collaboratively with brands, retailers and the whole plastics industry through establishing a Marine Litter Platform. The Marine Litter Platform not only looks at solutions to litter in the UK but also the global issue of inadequate waste management facilities in certain countries.

 The BPF have set up a Marine Litter the Facts website which provides information on the problems of marine litter and the possible solutions.

 The BPF is also committed to continue to work on Operation Clean Sweep® which is an industry led scheme to ensure plastic pellets, flakes and powders do not escape into the environment. It provides a wide range of resources for companies to help them with setting up and running Operation Clean Sweep® in their own facilities.