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Used plastics don't belong in the marine environment. Associations representing plastic makers are working to protect our oceans through public-private partnerships that help prevent litter and increase recycling and recovery.

Workable Solutions for Our Oceans

Associations representing plastic makers stand with the majority of scientists and policy makers who have found that effective marine litter solutions require actions to increase litter prevention, reducing, reusing and recycling, and other waste management infrastructure, along with strong regional and international partnerships.

Latest News

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United States Marine Debris Programs

As a leader of The Declaration of the Global Plastics Associations for Solutions on Marine Litter, our work in the United States spans across all six commitment areas. Our partnerships work to provide recycling bins on beaches and in state parks, sponsor marine debris research, promote recycling and the recovery of energy from post-use plastics, and encourage best practices for handling raw materials. Check out all of our projects and programs.


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Workable Solutions for Marine Litter

Workable Solutions for Marine Litter highlights effective, science-based solutions to help prevent marine litter.
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americas plastics makers contribute to solutions

America’s Plastics Makers Contribute to Solutions on Marine Litter is a handy, shareable guide highlighting work done in the United States under the 6 focus areas of the Global Declaration.
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Plastics Don't Belong in our Ocean

Plastics Don’t Belong in our Ocean. Chemical Recycling and Plastics-to-Fuel Technologies Are Part of the Solution.
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