A Global Plastics-Industry Pledge

Plastics help make a wide range of useful, durable, versatile products. They make important contributions to sustainability.  Thanks to plastics, our shampoo bottles don’t shatter in the shower, our cars and trucks weigh less and therefore use less fuel, our homes are well insulated and save energy, and we can ship more goods with less packaging material than ever before.

None of us want to see plastics pollute our oceans, but we wouldn’t want a world without the benefits of plastics. That’s why plastics organizations from around the world joined to announce The Declaration of the Global Plastics Associations for Solutions on Marine Litter, also informally known as our Global Declaration.

The Declaration was completed in 2011, and since then 75 plastics organizations and allied industry association in 40 countries have voluntarily signed and now operate as the Global Plastics Alliance (GPA). The GPA is committed to take action and make measurable progress.


Individual Countries’ Efforts to Reduce Marine Litter

Learn how individual countries are reducing marine litter and launching initiatives to protect marine environments, coastlines, and aquatic life.

Global coverage of Declaration signatories

Since 2011, more than 355 marine litter solutions projects have been planned, put into action, or completed. That’s a 165% increase in marine litter projects since the declaration was created. And it’s just the beginning. Review the progress of the Global Declaration’s goal to reduce marine pollution.

The plastics industry has already invested millions of dollars in developing, supporting, and promoting plastic recycling programs and other ocean conservation or cleanup solutions. But worldwide plastics makers and their governmental or non-governmental partners are committed to doing even more to help.

We want the best for our communities and our planet. And that means responsible use of plastics combined with respect for our marine environments, coastlines, and aquatic life. It also means we continue to welcome new members who would like also sign and commit to our Global Declaration.

Please read our Global Declaration now, view our projects, and see our progress. Then share this site with the influencers in your life, who are also committed to making a world of difference when it comes to reducing and preventing marine litter.