Progress Report 2014

60 associations in 34 countries have signed on to the Global Declaration, and the 180 projects underway, planned or completed (as of December 2013), represent a nearly 90 percent increase in the number of projects since the Global Declaration’s announcement.

Progress Report 2012

140 projects completed, underway or planned, 58 associations representing 34 countries have signed the Global Declaration as of December 2012.

GESAMP WG40 Meeting report 2012

The inception workshop of the GESAMP Working Group 40, on ‘Sources, fate and effects of micro-plastics in the environment – a global assessment’, took place on on from March 13 to 15, 2012. Whilst ACC and PlasticsEurope participated in the meeting, this report is owned by GESAMP.

Study on Land-Sources Litter (LSL) in the Marine Environment

This study was commissioned by BKV, IK, KVS and FCIO in spring 2011 in the context of the “Declaration for Solutions on Marine Litter”. It gathered high-quality data regarding the present situation of land sourced litter in the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, displays possible

GESAMP International Workshop on Microplastics

Sharing the growing concern about macro- and micro-plastic debris in the oceans, GESAMP facilitates meetings between researchers, policy makers, coastal and marine managers and industry. to share information and inform the development of future policy and regulatory mechanisms.

Joint Declaration

In March 2011, representatives of plastics organizations from around the globe have released a “Declaration for Solutions on Marine Litter. It describes steps that the industries will take, and suggests approaches and platforms for global cooperation and future partnerships.