The Plastics Industry has established a partnership with The Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection (GESAMP), with ACC and PlasticsEurope directly contributing to project funding.

GESAMP is an advisory body to the United Nations (UN) working on the scientific aspects of marine environmental protection. The plastics industry has committed to support GESAMP’s effort to evaluate the sources, fate and effects of micro-plastics in the marine environment.
The first workshop took place in Paris in March 2012. The project has 3 phases and the conclusions of the assessment are expected to be published by 2015. The session was focused on the definition of the scope and objectives of the working group, with well-balanced and science-based discussions around existing knowledge on the sources of micro-plastics, eco-their toxicological effects and their impact on the biota. PlasticsEurope and ACC are part of the working groups.

The proceedings of this first meeting are now available here.