The Global Declaration obliges signatories to commit to action in six areas: education, research, public policy, best practices, recycling/recovery, and product stewardship. As of the last progress report (2020), 80 plastics associations in 43 countries launched, planned or completed 395 projects, from beach clean ups to awareness campaigns. Our projects range in size, focus, and scope and involve an ever growing number of partners. All are forging cooperation and furthering progress to prevent, reduce, and improve understanding of marine litter. At the present time this list does not reflect the entire universe of commitments.  We are currently working to get each project included here.  We will remove this notice when the entries are completed.

Marine Litter Solutions

Fishing Line Bin Project

Discarded fishing material (nets, mono filament line, and Cray fish trap anchor ropes) is responsible for damage to marine life. What makes it especially dangerous is that it cuts into the skin and flesh of…

Plastics Recycling Survey (Annual)

Plastics Recycling Survey (Annual)

Plastics raw material are becoming scarcer as the population increases. Humankind has to deal responsibly with its resources. Recycling, the reuse of raw materials is becoming an essential activity in South Africa. Plastics SA annually…

River Catchment Project

River Catchment Project

More than 80 percent of marine pollution and litter comes from land based sources. There is a need to identify pathways of pollution, from land to sea, using a Source-to-Sea approach, and take necessary action….

Prelimenary Results Global Plastics Flow Study 2018 - Mara Hancker

The Global Plastics Flow Study

Plastics are an important resource that must be recycled and not end up as environmental litter. In order to manage and optimize the flows of material specifically for this purpose, the volumes of material flows…

TalkPlast 2019 West Africa Marine Waste Conference

TalkPlast 2019: West Africa Marine Waste Conference

Recognizing that sustainable plastic waste management has remained a major challenge across the entire West Africa Sub-region, the Federation of Plastic Manufacturers Recyclers and Users, Ghana (FePMRUG) will convene its inaugural TalkPlast 2019: West Africa…

Marine Litter Solutions

National Plastic Waste Management Forum 2017

The Ghana Plastic Manufacturers Association (GPMA) organized its maiden National Plastic Waste Management Forum in 2017 to gather views from various sectors as part of an integrated approach to developing an effective blueprint to be…

Marine Litter Solutions

Chorkor Beach Clean Up 2016 in Accra, Ghana

The Ghana Plastic Manufacturers Association (GPMA) organized a major Beach Clean Up activity in the densely populated coastal dwelling, Chorkor, in the capital, Accra. Ocean pollution solutions take many hands working together. GPMA is pleased…

littering problems and solutions berg2beach

Littering Problems and Solutions: Berg2Beach

Plastics|SA has initiated a project which focuses on littering problems and solutions via recreational activities on inland dams and rivers (which eventually lead to the sea).  A young learner in the Kwazulu Natal area has…

orange river project south africa

Water Pollution: Orange River Project in South Africa

Plastics|SA’s Cleanup and recycle “Berg2beach” campaign aims to encourage hikers, mountaineers, fishermen, canoeists, kayakers and divers to ensure that our country is clean and green by showing a commitment and support of the plastics industries…


Plastic SA’s African Marine Debris Summit

June 2014 marks the one year anniversary of Plastics SA’s first African Marine Debris Summit that took place at the SA National Biodiversity Institute at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Town, last year. The Summit, which…

Marine Litter Solutions

International Coastal Cleanup in South Africa

Thousands of volunteers, numerous volunteer organizations and umpteen kilograms of garbage removed from beaches around South Africa signaled another successful annual International Coastal Cleanup Day, coordinated by Plastics|SA, Ocean Conservancy, KZN Wildlife and other strategic…

operation clean sweep south africa

Operation Clean Sweep – South Africa Program

Plastics|SA has obtained the Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) licence from SPI and will use OCS materials to develop education and training materials for the South African plastics industry. Activities began in April 2013.

Cape Argus

Cape Argus PicknPay Momentum Cycle Tour

Plastics|SA helped to make this year’s Cape Argus Pick n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour sustainable by coordinating a clean-up crew of 161 workers during this year’s cycle race, creating awareness of litter and waste management…