The Global Declaration obliges signatories to commit to action in six areas: education, research, public policy, best practices, recycling/recovery, and product stewardship. As of the last progress report (2020), 80 plastics associations in 43 countries launched, planned or completed 395 projects, from beach clean ups to awareness campaigns. Our projects range in size, focus, and scope and involve an ever growing number of partners. All are forging cooperation and furthering progress to prevent, reduce, and improve understanding of marine litter. At the present time this list does not reflect the entire universe of commitments.  We are currently working to get each project included here.  We will remove this notice when the entries are completed.

Marine Litter Solutions

Belgium Operation Clean Sweep 2019

PlasticsEurope and value chain associations in Belgium – Alfaport Voka, essenscia, Port of Antwerp and Voka – Chamber of Commerce and Industry – are jointly presenting the new Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) Port of Antwerp…

Marine Litter Solutions

Round Table Eco Design of Plastic Packaging

The “Round Table Eco Design of Plastic Packaging” is an initiative of experts from companies along the entire value chain of plastic packaging (packaging manufacturers, food and consumer goods industry, retailers and plastic recycling) as…

Finnish Plastics Industries Federation

Finnish Plastics Industries Federation

Every year 5th of June, we collect all rigid plastics for recycling from people around, not only packaging but all. Project Outcomes 21 tons of plastics for recycling, new initiatives for permanent action



Expanded polystyrene (EPS) has very good insulation, protection and safety properties, making it suited for food contact packaging. Some 335.000 tonnes/year of EPS are used for this purpose in the EU, but only 25% is…

Marine Litter Solutions


Plastimobile – plastics recycling awareness exhibit for school children, and public events. View Website

Marine Litter Solutions

PlasticsEurope Pellet Containment Efforts

Intensifying pellet containment efforts – new action plan for the Antwerp hub with concrete actions with regards to worksite equipment, procedures, auditing performances and outreach, as well as cleaning actions.

Prelimenary Results Global Plastics Flow Study 2018 - Mara Hancker

The Global Plastics Flow Study

Plastics are an important resource that must be recycled and not end up as environmental litter. In order to manage and optimize the flows of material specifically for this purpose, the volumes of material flows…


Gestes Propres

Gestes Propres is the name of a national campaign for litter prevention that promotes responsible behaviour of all citizens and proper waste disposal. PlasticsEurope will join Gestes Propres as an official sponsor at the beginning…

marine-event-bpf enlarged

Marine Litter Platform

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) launched a Marine Litter Platform to foster collaboration between the government, brands, retailers, academics, NGOs, manufacturers and recyclers to deliver the best solutions to this global problem.

croatia trash

Circular Economy: LIFE PlasTex

The Croatian Association of Plastics and Rubber Industry (HGK), in cooperation with Croatian Utility Association as well as the Faculty of Chemical Technology worked to establish a circular economy system for waste plastics and textiles,…

Marine Litter Solutions

Plastics: Too Valuable To be Thrown Away

Plastics: Too Valuable To be Thrown Away is an educational project for citizens and public administration, promoted by the Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE), and Association of Plastics and Rubber Industry. It’s aimed to the…

plastic packaging recycling MSC cruise

MSC Cruises trial

The MSC Cruises trial is an annual plastic packaging recycling initiative. MCS cruises separately collect plastic packaging on board and cruise ships dock at Italian ports to direct the collected waste to the nearest recycling…

reciclaestate sustainable tourism

Riciclaestate (Summerecycling)

    Riciclaestate (Summerecycling) is a historic Legambiente awareness campaign, that started in 2005, on sustainable tourism and recycling in 90 coastal municipalities of Campania and Liguria. During the three months of the campaign, a…

ocean plastic one ocean forum

Ocean Plastic: One Ocean Forum

The One Ocean Forum is an international event for sharing knowledge, cooperating and improving awareness about ocean plastic and overall environmental sustainability.  It is intended to become a regular event to promote effective actions related to…

Marine Litter Solutions

La Plastica in Vacanza (Plastics on holiday)

  La Plastica in vacanza is a yearly summer institutional campaign launched by Corepla in partnership with the Ministry of Environment to promote proper waste management and reduce plastic litter while on holiday; this year we…

Marine Litter Solutions

European Week for Waste Reduction

European Week for Waste Reduction is a yearly initiative co-financed by the European Commission’s LIFE+ programme since 2009, aiming to promote the implementation of awareness-raising actions about sustainable resource and waste management during a single…

EmergenSea marine awareness

Marine Awareness Project: EmergenSEA

  EmergenSEA is a marine awareness project, that took place throughout June 2017, on marine litter and environmental protection together with Marevivo whose claim is Everyone can do something to defend the sea. Italian actor Alessandro Preziosi…

RI-ciclo in tour recycling plastic packaging management

RI-ciclo in tour (Recycling in tour)

  RI-ciclo in tour is a road-show, that took place in the second half of July 2017, to inform about the best practice on plastic packaging management. The name of the initiative takes origin from the…

Marine Litter Solutions

Pellet Loss Prevention: Port of Antwerp

In Europe, Antwerp is the leading port in plastic pellet production, handling and distribution. This makes it an ideal location to launch a new collaboration between the local companies engaged in the prevention of pellet…

litter collection mull garbage bag

Müll und Unratsammelsack

Müll- und Unratsammelsack (Garbage collection bag) is an initiative of the German Canoeing Association (DKV) supported by Team Kunststoff (PlasticsEurope) to increase litter collection. It is meant to encourage and enable canoeists to collect garbage…

Marine Litter Solutions

Gemeinsam für mehr Gewässerschutz

Joint folder Gemeinsam für mehr Gewässerschutz is a folder published jointly by the German associations for rowing, canoeing, sports diving and sailing, and by Messe Düsseldorf, K fair, boot fair,Team Kunststoff and PlasticsEurope Deutschland. The…



  As part of the CSI: Litter Challenge project, which the British Plastics Federation and PlasticsEurope ran with Marine Conservation Society, schools were challenged to develop an anti-litter campaign. The winning school was Hampton High School…

Grate Art FFSLDN Fish plastic litter thames

Solutions to Littering: For Fish’s Sake

For Fish’s Sake (#FFSLDN) is a project to find solutions to littering which the British Plastics Federation supported and was run by Hubbub Between May and October 2017.  The project was based on The Thames…


Plastic Recycling: Plastimobile, Belgium

Plastimobile is a plastic recycling education exhibit for school children that started in 2012. The Exhibit is a mobile workshop that recycles plastics and allows children to witness how plastics are crushed and transformed to create…

Marine Litter Solutions

Marine Pollution: Interreg Med ACT4LITTER

The Interreg Med ACT4LITTER project, that started in September 2016, aims to facilitate efforts for tackling marine pollution in Mediterranean MPAs through the development of effective and targeted measures towards reaching their conservation objectives via…

Amsterdam clean water

Amsterdam Clean Water

Amsterdam Clean Water was founded in September 2016 by the municipality of Amsterdam, Waternet, Port of Amsterdam, Plastic Soup Foundation, PlasticsEurope the Netherlands, The Dutch Federation of Rubber and Plastics Industry-NRK and Berenschot, as part…


Ocean Plastics: Pechpropre

The French « Cooperative Maritime » with the support of the French government and the French Plastic value chain has started a project named “PECHPROPRE” (pêche propre = clean fishing) to be performed in 2017 and the 1st…

CSI Litter - Cool Seas Investigators causes of littering

Cool Seas Investigators CSI Litter Challenge

  The British Plastics Federation and PlasticsEurope worked with the Marine Conservation Society on a new project for UK schools in years 5-8 (8-13 years) called CSI: Litter Challenge. CSI: Litter Challenge used problem-based learning…


BIOCLEAN Consortium

BIOCLEAN is seeking what biotechnology can bring to find solutions for micro-plastics or possibilities to improve plastic waste management.

stop ocean pollution

Marine Litter National Forum hosted by PAGEV

PAGEV, The Turkish Plastics Industry Association, partnered in hosting the Marine Litter National Forum in 2014.  The Forum presented the latest information on the state of marine litter and invited open dialogue among the live audience….

PAGEV-Mutlu Balklar_2

Waste Free Ocean “Happy Fish”

The Waste Free Oceans (WFO) “Happy Fish” or the Mutlu Balıklar program launched in 2012 to address ocean litter under the leadership of Turkish Plastics Manufacturers Research, Development and Educational Foundation (PAGEV).  It is a cleaning apparatus,…

Marine Litter Solutions

Operation Clean Sweep – France Program

While consumers are responsible for the proper disposal of the products they use, the plastics industry must focus on proper containment of its products. We must prevent the pellets from getting into waterways that eventually…

Man In Field

Project RAFU: Agricultural Plastic Recycling

The French Agricultural Plastics Committee (CPA) and ADIVALOR have launched project RAFU (recycling of used agriculture films). When in 2011, ADIVALOR was due to collect about 35,000 tonnes of used farm film, the French Agricultural…

waste free oceans floating marine debris

Waste-Free Oceans

France’s fishermen are being recruited to help fish out and recover floating marine debris in three coastal areas in France between 2012 and 2014. The three test areas are Honfleur, St. Jean de Luz and…

vacances propres waste disposal

Vacances Propres – Destination Waste Reduction

Vacances Propres is a well established non-profit organisation that promotes responsible behaviour at holiday destinations like beaches and ski resorts by encouraging proper waste disposal. PlasticsEurope joined Vacances Propres as an official sponsor at the…

spiaggia prevent plastic in the ocean

Spiaggia 101 in Italy

A summer campaign intended to educate people about how to collect plastic waste to prevent plastic in the ocean. In 2011 it was run in cooperation with COREPLA (National Consortium for the Collection, Recycling and…

Marine Litter Solutions

Operation Clean Sweep – Denmark Program

As in other parts of the world, Denmark is witnessing an increasing number of reports illustrating the amounts of litter carelessly discarded found on our beaches. Small items of litter or fragments of litter can…


The Sea is Not a Dump Event in Denmark

A highly successful second marine litter event brought together 27,000 high-level politicians, public affairs and public relations professionals, and NGOs to hear how the plastics industry is actively looking for solutions to marine litter. The…

Marine Litter Solutions

Operation Clean Sweep – UK Program

Operation Clean Sweep has been operational in the UK for some time and already a large number of companies have signed the “Pledge to Prevent Resin Pellet Loss” to become an Operation Clean Sweep partner….

Marine Litter Solutions

Operation Clean Sweep Sweden Program

In recent years and with increasing frequency, researchers have been reporting that seabirds, turtles and fish are ingesting a wide variety of plastic items that are affecting their health. Most of these plastics are used…

Marine Litter Solutions

Operation Clean Sweep – Poland Program

In recent years and with increasing frequency, researchers have been reporting that seabirds, turtles and fish are ingesting a wide variety of plastic items that are affecting their health. Most of these plastics are used…

Marine Litter Solutions

Zero Pellet Loss Initiative – Germany

The German plastics manufacturers and the German chemical industry have jointly installed the project ‘Zero Pellet Loss’ under the well-established Responsible Care programme. Doing so, it shall be effectively prevented that plastic pellets as well…

Study on Land-Sourced Litter

Study on Land-Sourced Litter in Germany

A study was commissioned to look into land-sourced litter as a contribution to action point 2 of the “Declaration for Solutions on Marine Litter”: “Work with the scientific community and researchers to better understand and…

molok waste collection

Waste Collection: MOLOK Underground Waste Receptacles

MOLOK produces so-called ‘deep collection systems.’ These are essentially waste collection containers, two thirds of which are positioned underground. Their ingenious design offers numerous benefits to users, such as more capacity, longer emptying intervals, improved…



A €120 mil. project has been started in Finland to build a waste to energy conversion plant. The aim is to turn the waste from the Ämmässuo landfill site into a source of energy, with…

marliso 2

Marine Litter: Marlisco FP7 Project

MARLISCO (Marine Litter in Europe Seas: Social Awareness and CO-Responsibility) is a  project born within the Framework of the European Commission’s Framework Programme 7 (FP7) for research and innovation.  MARLISCO is a mobilisation and mutual…