The Global Declaration obliges signatories to commit to action in six areas: education, research, public policy, best practices, recycling/recovery, and product stewardship. As of the last progress report (2020), 80 plastics associations in 43 countries launched, planned or completed 395 projects, from beach clean ups to awareness campaigns. Our projects range in size, focus, and scope and involve an ever growing number of partners. All are forging cooperation and furthering progress to prevent, reduce, and improve understanding of marine litter. At the present time this list does not reflect the entire universe of commitments.  We are currently working to get each project included here.  We will remove this notice when the entries are completed.

Prelimenary Results Global Plastics Flow Study 2018 - Mara Hancker

The Global Plastics Flow Study

Plastics are an important resource that must be recycled and not end up as environmental litter. In order to manage and optimize the flows of material specifically for this purpose, the volumes of material flows…