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The British Plastics Federation and PlasticsEurope worked with the Marine Conservation Society on a new project for UK schools in years 5-8 (8-13 years) called CSI: Litter Challenge.

CSI: Litter Challenge used problem-based learning to teach young people about littering. The first stage of the CSI: Litter Challenge was for the schools to complete a litter survey in their school or local area. This helped the students to understand the scope of the issue and to start to think about the causes of littering.

The schools then took part in two webinars run by the Marine Conservation Society. These webinars help the students to understand how litter even if dropped in town and cities can end up in the marine environment. It explored that human behaviour leads to littering rather than a material itself and looked at the impact which litter can have on our environment.

The webinars also provided an opportunity to teach the students more about plastic. It showed all the great uses of plastic and how it is a valuable material. It looked at the different pathways a plastic bottle can take depending on how it is disposed of and discussed that plastic is recyclable. The first webinar was viewed 64 times and the second webinar 27 times.

As part of the project the young people were challenged to develop their own litter campaign which could be used to reduce littering in their school or local area. The schools submitted their campaigns to a panel of judging to choose the best campaign. The winning school – one for KS2 and one from KS3 will won £250 towards a ‘green’ project.

The overall winner has their campaign developed into a litter campaign ‘Bincentives’ which was launched in September 2017.


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