Cuaderno de bitácora


Founded by sailing olympic champion Theresa Zabell, Fundación Ecomar is one of the most successful Spanish foundations in providing children with education on sports, ecology and healthy living.

Targeting children in partnership with PlasticsEurope, it educates them on the value of the marine environment and teaches them how to deal with plastics waste, all this while developing their passion for sailing.

The collaboration with PlasticsEurope, which debuted in 2011 with the Grímpola workshop “Taking care of the sea when sailing” has been a real success. It demonstrated that children are not indifferent to marine litter, know about the value of used plastics and are conscious of the need to take them to the recycling container.

The project impacts citizens even beyond the participtating children, since they will often share their feelings and knowledge with family and friends, therefore multiplying the value of our workshops and messages.


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