Cuaderno de Bitácora


Fundación Ecomar is educating children on the value of the marine environment and teaching them how to deal with plastics waste, while developing and encouraging their passion for sailing. The collaboration began in 2011 with the Grimpola workshop, the theme of which was ‘Taking care of the sea while sailing’, which proved a real success. From the event it was clear that children are far from indifferent to marine litter; they understand the value of used plastics and are conscious of the need to recycle them.

20121001131812-cdb_spain02 Fundación Ecomar was founded by Olympic champion Theresa Zabell and is now one of the most successful Spanish foundations offering children education around sports, ecology and healthy living. As children taking part in the Grimpola project also share their feelings and knowledge with family and friends, the project has extensive impact and the value of the message can be greatly magnified.

In 2012, 40 Spanish sailing clubs were involved in the project, reaching more than 7,500 children.