Debris Free Fundy Program


The Debris Free Fundy Program is working towards reducing marine debris in the marine environment through input reduction of single-use plastics and removal projects, along with outreach and education. The rope recycling pilot project began in March 2018 with the placement of four 4’x4’ metal bins at four harbours in SWNB: Dipper Harbour, Beaver Harbour, Lord’s Cove on Deer Island and Seal Cove on Grand Manan. Educational signage was posted with each bin, to encourage fishermen to use the bins to dispose of their old or unwanted rope. Additional signage at these harbours include notifications for fishermen and the community of where their other waste items and recyclables can be taken for disposal. The project is also developing a sustainable end market for the plastic rope along with re-purposing in craft projects, recycling (e.g. plastic wood) and examining the role of advance conversion/recycling technologies planned for 2019.

Project Outcomes

The rope recycling project has been a success in engaging fisherman with requests to expand the projects reach to keep rope out of marine environments. The project has demonstrated success in reaching students, fishing industry and businesses by creating awareness on solutions and actions that can be implemented on managing rope and packaging responsibly to protect marine environments. This includes actions through shoreline cleanup, conferences, speaking engagements and other community events. The Huntsman Fundy Aquarium is a key attraction for 35,000 visitors to educate on marine protection and the rope recycling project. The key results

  • 4,000+ pounds of rope removed from wharfs and the marine environment for recycling
  • 35,000+ visitors to the Fundy Discovery Aquarium see the rope bin and educational signage
  • Valuable data collected on rope recycled from harbours that reflects fishing seasons and individual harbour outputs
  • 20+ businesses partners participating in the #DebrisFreeFundy eco-friendly business acknowledgement program
  • 6+ shoreline cleanups completed in the region
  • Partnerships created with multiple stakeholders over the fiscal year including multiple levels of government, First Nations, non-for-profit organizations, industry and academic institutions
  • 8 rope recycling bins at 5 harbours in southwest New Brunswick
  • Educational signage regarding rope recycling at 15 small craft harbours between St. Andrews and Alma
  • 6+ repurposed fishing rope weaving workshops reaching 50+ community members and visitors to the area
  • 250+ students reached with information and activities regarding marine debris and what they can do to create a #DebrisFreeFundy
  • #DebrisFreeFundy project featured on 4 CBC radio shows, newspaper articles and multiple social media outlets
  • Relationships and partnerships working with 20 members of the Marine Debris Strategy Action Committee
  • 250+ harbour authorities reached with information on marine debris at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Small Craft Harbour Harbour Authority conference

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