Recycling: Eco-Ranger Programme 2018


This is the third consecutive year that the MPMA-DOW School Environmental Challenge is held with primary and secondary schools in Melaka. This competition-based programme was designed to educate students about waste management and to encourage creative thinking among students in usage of recyclable materials especially plastics recyclables. A total of 18 schools are participating in this on-going programme, taking part in four competitions; Recyclables Collection Competition, ‘I Love Recycling!’ Photography Competition, Sketch Competition, and Choral Speaking Competition. The final judging and closing ceremony is expected to take place in August 2018.

The difference between the programme this year as compared to the previous years was the addition of an Eco-Ranger Programme as a part of the School Environmental Challenge. Students from the 18 participating schools attended a 3-day-2-night Eco-Ranger camp at the Warisan National Service Camp in Masjid Tanah, Melaka from 13-15 May 2018. Throughout the camp, the students took part in 10 workshops on the different ways to manage different types of waste; from recycling, composting, woodcraft, and decorative crafts from plastics recyclables. Besides that, students also brainstormed and presented ideas on short-term and long-term environmental projects which they would like execute in their respective schools after the end of the camp. Schools are required to present to MPMA-DOW the results of their short-term projects in August 2018.

Students at MPMA-Dow School Eco-Ranger Programme