For Fish’s Sake


Image Attribution: Hubbub. Photographer, Lucy Young.

For Fish’s Sake (#FFSLDN) is a project which the British Plastics Federation have supported and is being run by Hubbub.  The project is based on The Thames in London and is aiming to help Londoners to understand how litter dropped in London can make its way to the Thames. The project utilises creative behaviour change interventions to encourage people to use the bin, not the pavement, not the river. The project uses innovative new ideas to engage the local community and create a sense of pride which in turn leads to less littering. Interventions include a ‘cabinet of curiosities’ (items pulled from The Thames), bin wraps (to make bins more visible), ‘grate art’ to highlight drains as a source of litter travelling to the Thames, and voting bins with provocative questions.

Image Attribution: Hubbub. Photographer, Lucy Young.


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