Gestes Propres


Gestes Propres is the name of a national campaign for litter prevention that promotes responsible behaviour of all citizens and proper waste disposal. PlasticsEurope will join Gestes Propres as an official sponsor at the beginning of 2020.

The association allows the community of actors (citizens, businesses, local authorities, public authorities, associations…) to act together significantly on the prevention of litter and marine litter. Its system allows a global and coordinated action, consisting of a national campaign of communication, awareness raising operations and operational tools offered to local communities to encourage their citizens to throw – even sort – their waste out of home.

Gestes Propres estimates about 520,000 tonnes of litter disposed in 2018 in France, the equivalent of 52 Eiffel Towers. The statement is clear: it is urgent to act collectively everywhere and all the time to stop litter and their way to the shores and oceans.

Projects Outcomes

Some figures for 2018:

  • At the end of 2018, Gestes Propres was present in 1.100 municipalities
  • 24,414 campaign posters throughout France during the summer, representing an estimated 1.4 billion views
  • 3.3 million Citizens sensitized through the operations of the association and partner events, such as the Tour de France
  • 2,304,230 bags used by communities and partners
  • 13 700 fans / Facebook – 540 followers / Twitter

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