Goletta Verde in Italy


In light of the sea’s importance in our lives, an intense experience of seamanship on a boat only is vital as it helps understand its beauty and secrets. The cruises can last a day, a weekend (from Friday evening to Sunday evening) or people may agree with the commander for longer periods. The program is an informative marine campaign for citizens and public administrations, as well as a monitoring tool for marine areas and coasts.

PlasticsEurope, through the consortium COREPLA, supports the programme Goletta Verde which is organised by Legambiente. It as been quite succesful over the years, with 26 editions, 40 stages, 15 regions, 200 events, 200 water samples and over 2.000 press articles to date.

What is COREPLA?
COREPLA is a nonprofit National Consortium for the Collection, Recycling and Recovery of Plastic Waste. It comprises almost 2,700 companies active in the sector of plastic packaging.

COREPLA is engaged in the collection and recovery of post-consumer packaging. It promotes the prevention of waste, organises awareness campaigns for citizens and seeks support from municipalities.

For more information, visit: COREPLA

Website: http://www.legambiente.it/

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