I Want To Be Recycled Advertising Campaign


I Want To Be RecycledACC is a founding partner and continuing sponsor of Keep America Beautiful’s national public service advertising campaign “I Want To Be Recycled”, created to increase consumer awareness and participation in recycling. In addition, we’ve sponsored local Keep America Beautiful affiliates and cleanup events in California, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and other U.S. cities.

The latest phase of the campaign, which launched in March 2015, encourages the recycling of personal care products in the bathroom with brand new ads highlighting what these products can KAB_Social_Graphic_2 I Want To Be Recycledbecome upon recycling. Check out the latest PSAs, Smile and Superhero. The campaign directs consumers to IWantToBeRecycled.org, which offers information on which products to recycle, how to recycle them and what the products could potentially transform into when recycled properly. The site also includes infographics, an interactive game and recycling facility locator for a wide array of product categories. Learn more at IWantToBeRecycled.org.