Keep California Beautiful, K-12 Recycling Challenge

  • American Chemistry Council contributed a 50,000 sponsorship to Keep California Beautiful
  • KCB’s Mission: “Working to ignite individuals, state and local governments, community, and corporate responsibility through strategic initiatives and volunteer action to preserve and protect California’s beautiful resources for generations to come.”
  • KCB continued focus on education in schools with their K-12 Recycling Challenge and CAP Colligate Affiliation Program
  • 5 year totals for K-12 Recycling Challenge
  • KCB executive team has been working on several projects with a new litter APP designed

Project Outcomes

  • 1,146 schools participated
  • Competition student population: 850,133
  • Cash Awards Given: $101,000
  • KCB received the Keep America Beautiful Innovation Award for CAP program
  • Presented results at KAB National Conference in Baltimore, February 2019
  • KCB Executive team will reinstate the Proud Community Program to engage more California Communities
  • KCB will continue to work with CRRC, CRRA, and Kern County Conservation Corps
Keep California BeautifulKeep California Beautiful

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