LIFE PlasTex


“Implementation of the Circular Economy of plastic and textile waste in urban area” – LIFE PlasTex

The Croatian Association of Plastics and Rubber Industry initiated cooperation with Croatian Utility Association as well as the Faculty of Chemical Technology to help establish separate collection of PW and to find the best recycling and recovery solution. The result of this cooperation is joint LIFE project application in September 2017 – LIFE PlasTex. The project, that first started in 2015, has collected 12 partners, 5 utility companies, 1 local community, Chambers of Economy from Croatia and Slovenia and 4 companies. Through this project a Plastics Waste Platform will be establish. The main aim of this Platform will be to join all stakeholders interested to find the best available solution for plastics waste management issue in Croatia. Promote and drive activities to prevent plastics entering the marine environment, work on educational program and also support research programs. The Platform should help to establish PW trade activities collecting the data from utility companies with collected amount by sort of PW and the industry willing to buy the PW for use in the production of new products. The output of this project will be new products made from one part of the collected PW.

Regardless of the outcome of the project evaluation the partners are willing to continue joint cooperation which will include also awareness raising for consumers and BAP information exchange.