Litter Prevention: Malaysia Eco-Ranger Programme 2017


In 2017, the Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association (MPMA) partnered with ExxonMobil on an “Eco-Ranger Programme” to educate youth about litter prevention and recycling. The event took place on the 20th of May with the participation of 360 students from six schools in the Klang Valley. The programme was designed to educate and create awareness amongst students on solid waste management through creative workshops and group work. In addition, a set of three recycle bins each, a ‘Guide to Use the Bins’ signage and two boxes of garbage bags (approximately 300 pieces) were given to each participating school for the practice of recycling to be continued after the programme has ended. The initiative is part of MPMA’s ongoing efforts to grow awareness for the global challenge of ocean plastic pollution and the importance of solid waste management.