Littering Problems and Solutions: Berg2Beach


littering problems and solutions berg2beachPlastics|SA has initiated a project which focuses on littering problems and solutions via recreational activities on inland dams and rivers (which eventually lead to the sea).  A young learner in the Kwazulu Natal area has taken it upon herself to monitor the rivers and dams in the Drakensberg Mountains which lead to the sea and supply the statistics and photographs to Plastics|SA on a regular basis.  In turn, we sponsored two kayaks for her and her dad to collect this information. She became a spokesperson, addressing and encouraging the youth in the area to change their habits and stop littering.   This also highlights the amount of litter created by recreational activities on the rivers and dams and educates the public on the sensitivity of the environment. The Project is co-ordinated in partnership with the Kwazulu Natal Wildlife and the Eco Care Trust – an association for fisherman.  During the past 2 years, a number of activities were planned, facilitated and sponsored by Plastics|SA  and partners, including retailers, local authorities and environmental organisations:

  • Waterweek (March)
  • Clean-up SA Week (September)
  • International Coastal Clean-up Day (September)
  • Recycling Day SA (September)
  • Sports events (cycling and marathon)