Littering Solutions: Two Oceans Marathon in South Africa


two oceans marathon south africaThis year marked the 8th occasion that Plastics|SA was involved in cleaning the waste generated by runners and supporters at the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon in an effort to bring attention to littering solutions.

Our aim is to ensure that the waste is collected, removed and recycled in line with the overall goals of the marathon’s environmental policy and help raise awareness of the issue of littering and the fact that plastic waste, in particular, should be recycled as it is too valuable to waste.

Plastics|SA employed a team of 120 workers from the local communities for the day. The clean-up crews were divided into various teams, including a primary event sweep team, a main event team, a final sweep team and even a final, post-event cable tie team that had to remove all the cable ties left behind by the contractors on route.

Once everything was collected, the litter was sorted into four different materials, namely plastic (90 % of waste collected, primarily LD), glass 95 %), paper (10 %) and metal (5 %). As in previous years, Plastics|SA once again partnered with WastePlan for the recycling of the above mentioned waste.

Our participation provides a unique platform for the plastics industry to showcase its commitment to reaching our sustainability initiatives in a very practical and relevant way. We are committed to reaching our objective of sending zero plastics waste to landfill. By increasing total waste-to-recycling figures each year, we are helping to make sure the Two Oceans Marathon maintains its reputation for being ‘The world’s most beautiful marathon!’”