Love where you live


Love Where You Live is a new campaign that aims to inspire, encourage and enable us to make where we live, work and play the kind of place we really want it to be. It’s about making a difference ourselves, whether as individuals, groups, local authorities or companies.

We’re setting our sights high. Over the next three years we’re planning on winning the hearts and minds of some 3 million people and 3,000 organisations, in order to reduce the amount of litter in England by 2020.

It’s loving where we live that makes us want a great place to be even better. Whether it’s the litter in our local park, the graffiti on the wall of a much-used community centre or a favourite canal-side walk in need of a clean up – if we love it, we want to do something to look after it.

Love Where You Live is based on six key principles that supporters have signed up to:

  • Encourage personal responsibility and positive action
  • Work in partnership with neighbours to reduce litter
  • Take responsibility for keeping your own immediate area clean
  • Raise awareness and education about the prevention of littering
  • Make it easy for people not to drop litter
  • Become an active ambassador for clean, green places throughout England and the UK


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