Marine Litter: Marlisco FP7 Project


MARLISCO (Marine Litter in Europe Seas: Social Awareness and CO-Responsibility) is a  project born within the Framework of the European Commission’s Framework Programme 7 (FP7) for research and innovation. 

MARLISCO is a mobilisation and mutual learning action plan which seeks to raise societal awareness on the problems related to ‒ and the potential solutions to ‒ the accumulation of marine litter. Its main objective is to understand and subsequently facilitate societal engagement in order to inspire changes in attitudes and behaviour among key stakeholders with an interest in or responsibility for the quality of the marine envionment. 

These stakeholders include industrial sectors; users of coastal and marine waters; waste management and recycling sectors; Regional Sea Commissions and EU representatives; local municipalities; citizens’ groups, environmental NGOs, school children and the general public; as well as social and natural scientists. MARLISCO recognizes the need for a concerted approach to encourage co-responsibility through a joint dialogue between all relevant players. 

MARLISCO will consist in organizing activities across 15 European countries. Those will include national debates in 12 countries involving industry sectors, scientists and the public, along with a European video contest for school students, educational activities targeting the younger generation and exhibitions to raise awareness amongst the broader public. 

MARLISCO will make use of innovative multimedia approaches to reach the widest possible audience in the most effective manner. These approaches should be usable to address the problems caused by marine litter while being applicable to other societal challenges where substantial benefits can arise from better coordination between researchers, stakeholders and society.

PlasticsEurope is part of the MARLISCO consortium and will provide its input as a trade organization representing the European Plastics Manufacturers. It will also be in charge of implementing some educational activities in Spain.


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