Mosa Pura Maas River Cleanup


With the support of PlasticsEurope, the European Plastic Converters/Waste Free Oceans and Rijkswaterstaat (part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment), Zuyd Hogeschool will carry out a marine research project on the presence of floating litter in the river Maas.

The research forms the exploratory phase of the overarching Mosa Pura project, which aims at cleaning the river Maas by 2020. Mosa Pura is Latin for “clean Maas”.
The aim of the research is to perform a prospective study into the presence of litter in the river Maas, to characterise this litter and link it to events in the river basin (rainstorms, melting snow, etc.)

Some sub-goals are:

  • developing a research design that fits scientific needs;
  • testing the deployment of a Thomsea net provided by Waste Free Oceans;
  • designing equipment for operations in sea by testing a catching device (catamaran net, other nets);
  • doing qualitative and quantitative studies of fished litter items, including microplastics.

Ship used for the study can be provided by a third party organisation.

Official Partners: