MPMA-DOW School Environmental Challenge


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The MPMA-DOW School Environmental Challenge has been running since year 2016. It is a competition-based program designed to educate teachers and students on the importance of 3Rs and the value of recyclable materials. Each year, different competitions were held to challenge students creatively in the usage of recyclable materials. Target students are from primary and secondary schools in the state of Melaka.

2016: Plastics Collage; Essay Writing; Photo Competition; Sculptures from Plastics Recyclables
2017: Plastics Collage; Eco-Fashion; Public Speaking; Plastics Robotics
2018: Recyclables Collection; Photography Competition; Sketch Competition; Choral Speaking; Short-term Sustainability Project
2019: Awareness Talk; #PullingOurWeight gotong-royong; Recyclables Collection

Program Outcomes

The program has been fully supported by the Melaka State Education Department and has expanded from just a district level program to a state level program.

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