MPMA-ExxonMobil Plastics Recycling Truck programme


The MPMA-ExxonMobil Plastics Recycling Truck programme aims to: a. create greater awareness of plastics recycling and the plastics recycling process by setting up a mobile recycling truck; and b. educate students and the public on the value of recyclables, especially plastics, and the practice of 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).

The idea for the recycling truck is via the Plastics Recycling Workspace (watch here:, initiated by Precious Plastic (read more: Precious Plastic is a project that promotes plastics recycling worldwide. It acts as a one-stop centre containing tools and machines to turn plastics waste into valuable products.

Taking inspiration from Precious Plastic, the proposed Recycling Truck will enhance students and the public’s knowledge and understanding about plastics recycling. This is also an effective tool and platform for students and the public to have a hands-on experience of plastics recycling.

The recycling machines which is proposed to be placed in the recycling truck are shredder, extrusion machine, injection machine and a 3D printer.

Project Outcomes

The first of its kind in Malaysia – a mobile plastics recycling truck.