MPMA-SCIENTEX Sustainability Project in Pulau Ketam


The MPMA-Scientex “Towards Zero Leakage to The Ocean” Program which aims to highlight marine litter, was conducted from October-November 2019 at Sungai Satu, Pulau Ketam. Pulau Ketam was chosen as it has an existing marine litter problem which is a combination of littering as well as marine litter brought in from elsewhere, by the waters that surround the island. The program acts as a demonstrative effect to the people on the island as to what is possible with proper waste management.

A whopping 9,860kg of waste were collected and removed from the area in which recyclables were sent for recycling and nonrecyclable waste were disposed responsibly at Jeram Sanitary Landfill. All cleaning equipment made/purchased/used throughout the whole program were given out to the community for them to maintain the area after the program. Nets and booms were also installed around the affected area to minimize influx of marine litter during high tide. More recycling cages and trollies were provided to the community to encourage and enhance the practice of waste separation at source and recycling.

Project Outcomes

Collection of 9,860kg of waste within one month.

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