Water Pollution: Orange River Project in South Africa


orange river project south africaPlastics|SA’s Cleanup and recycle “Berg2beach” campaign aims to encourage hikers, mountaineers, fishermen, canoeists, kayakers and divers to ensure that our country is clean and green by showing a commitment and support of the plastics industries environmental initiatives. In particular, this campaign draws attention to the problem of water pollution in rivers which eventually carry contaminants out to sea.

In 2013, Plastics|SA and Nampak Rigid Packaging sponsored intrepid adventurer Ray Chaplin’s 2 600km journey from the source of the mighty Orange River to the Sea in Alexandria Bay, in order to raise awareness of South Africa’s water quality and the threat of water pollution. He reached halfway at the beginning of August 2013 and reached Alexander Bay, where the river empties into the sea on the 10th of December.