Plastic Waste Management: Canadian Plastics Industry Association


plastic waste managment CPIA

CPIA is committed to the responsible use and recovery of plastic resources. As a leading authority on Canadian plastics waste management, CPIA facilitates the development of sustainable programs for effective management of plastic waste. CPIA acts as a one-stop resource on end-of-life management of plastics for municipalities, consumer product manufacturers and their suppliers, recyclers, provincial agencies and the educational community.

Plastic Waste Management

  • Measuring Recycling Progress

CPIA is funding 3 surveys to demonstrate progress in expanding population access to recycling of plastics packaging and of tonnages of plastics recycled.

  • Plastic Recovery Experts in BC, AB, ON, PQ

CPIA has representatives in major Canadian provinces to assist municipalities, governments and other stakeholders in increasing plastic recycling and recovery operations. It also provides technical expertise in these areas.

  • Recycling of Polystyrene

CPIA continues tow ork to expand PS recycling, now focused in Quebec.

  • PacNEXT

CPIA is engaging Pac Next and facilitating follow up projects to optimize film recovery in Canada.

  • Conversion Technologies

CPIA is helping to fund City of Edmonton trial to demonstrate the benefits of plastics in its gasification technology.

  • Agricultural Plastics

CPIA and its sister organization APRA, are funding research into recovery options for agricultural plastics.