This Is Plastics: New Industry Website


The plastics industry is advocating for waste management infrastructuresIn May of 2018, the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) launched This Is Plastics, a resource created to inspire meaningful discussion about the power of plastics and turn plastics industry employees into ambassadors for plastics. Among the topics is an expansive section on the environment, marine litter, and ocean pollution solutions. It is designed to help plastics makers better understand the scope of the problem and what they can do to make a difference.

The resource, which takes the form of a microsite – – offers a mix of easy-to-digest articles, shareable images, videos and quizzes that aim to educate and empower the U.S. plastics industry’s nearly one million employees to communicate about plastics and some of the most-discussed topics facing the industry today, including marine litter, plastic bag bans and single-use plastics.

The resource features five topic areas: Plastics101SafetyEconomic Impact, Environment and Innovation. Each topic area contains several relevant articles. A few highlights include:

Explore the resource today and share informative graphics – like the one below – on social media using #ThisIsPlastics.