Plastics Make it Possible® Campaign


The Plastics Make it Possible® campaign encourages increased plastics recycling through digital and in-person content that helps educate Americans about the ease and wide availability of plastics recycling.  This initiative is sponsored by the plastics industries of the American Chemistry Council. For more information, visit, check out our Facebook page and follow us @plasticpossible on twitter at

As an example of the types of consumer content the campaign produces, please watch the Plastics Make It Possible® video below which features Major League Baseball player Tom Willhelmsen from the Seattle Mariners. In it, he encourages Americans to recycle.  The video was produced as part of an activation, or, “mini-campaign” within the Plastics Make It Possible® campaign.  For this 2015 activation, we partnered with the Seattle Mariners home field, Safeco Field to promote plastics recycling at a Mariners game. Throughout the game, our recycling vending machine dispensed t-shirts made with recycled plastics in exchange for empty bottles and caps—to the tens of thousands of fans in attendance.  And, to expand the reach of this activity beyond the ballpark, we hosted an online contest.