Plastics Recycling Survey (Annual)


Plastics raw material are becoming scarcer as the population increases. Humankind has to deal responsibly with its resources. Recycling, the reuse of raw materials is becoming an essential activity in South Africa.

Plastics SA annually conduct a recycling survey to determine where the recycling industry obtain their raw materials, the number of plastics recyclers in the country, the technologies available, the employment figure and the products that are manufactured from recycled plastics and the volumes of plastics diverted from landfill.

Project Outcomes

The annual recycling survey gives the plastics industry an insight in:

  • percentage of plastics waste collected
  • percentage of plastics recycled
  • percentage of plastics diverted from landfill
  • Number of jobs created
  • To identify the opportunity and viability for energy from waste, pyrolysis etc
  • Identify the products made from recycled materials

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