PolyTalk 2016: Zero Plastics To The Oceans


Marine litter is an important challenge we face today. It is a very complex issue affecting our world’s oceans, seas and rivers, harming wildlife, fisheries and tourism in Europe and around the world.

In 2016, we offered PolyTalk as a platform to identify and understand some marine litter key achievements made to date by all stakeholders but also to provide room so that remaining challenges are highlighted. Future PolyTalk events shall inspire participants through the sharing of ideas and recommendations as to the next actions to be taken.

PolyTalk is our forum to engage with our stakeholders in a transparent, forward looking dialogue. PolyTalk 2016 focused on Marine Litter. Entitled “Zero Plastics To The Oceans”, PolyTalk was held in Brussels over two days and gathered international organisations, government officials, representatives from national environment ministries, NGOs, the plastics industry, as well as the research community.

Marine Litter is one of the largest emerging environmental challenges and needs to be tackled at global, regional and national level. PlasticsEurope is increasingly engaged in protecting the marine environment and encouraging stakeholders from industrial, political, scientific, non-governmental and social spheres to act together to preserve the oceans and coastal areas. With this in mind, we want to address how the plastics industry and its full value chain can support and contribute to the development of action plans against marine litter.

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