PVC Pipe Fishing Line Bins to Protect Marine Wildlife on the South African Coast


SIC Fish Line Disposal Unit south africaThis Project not only raises awareness on marine debris and its effects on marine wildlife, but provides containers along the South African coast which collect discarded fishing lines.

PVC Pipe Fishing Line Bins
Sea birds and marine life are often trapped or killed as a result of fishing line that was not properly discarded and removed from our oceans or beaches and each year.  The results of the International Coastal Clean-Up show that discarded fishing line continues to be a major pollutant on our country’s beaches. To this end we partnered with the Southern African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association (SAPPMA) and one of its members, DPI Plastics, who provided funding and PVC pipes which are converted into bins that can be erected on beaches, are resistant to the elements and corrosion and prevent the lines from blowing away.