Recycling Rejs 2015 – Baltic Sea: started 2 July 2015


Recykling Rejs – an initiative of PlasticsEurope Polska and Polish ecologist and traveler Dominik Dobrowolski – is a canoe rally organized on Polish rivers since 2011. Recykling Rejs aims to raise environmental awareness and educate the Polish people, who need to adopt a responsible and environmentally-friendly behavior.

This year edition of action “Recykling Rejs – let’s recover plastics” – will be organized on Baltic Sea. The route will guide from Szczecin (start on 2nd July) to Gdynia (final on 14th July) – altogether over 260 NM in special canoe. The main focus of this educational action remains the promotion of antilittering behavior proper handling of plastics waste. At the stops on the see shore there are organized meetings with local communities and media, as well as actions of cleaning the beaches.

According to Kazimierz Borkowski, Managing Director PlasticsEurope Polska ”Our civilizations have for many years treated rivers, streams and seas as a most convenient place to dispose waste. Therefore littering in aquatic environment is not a new issue but in order to preserve planet’s water ecosystem we need to act now and find solutions to tackle this problem. What is needed is proper education and the implementation of robust solutions in waste management to prevent discarding of valuable plastic waste in the environment”.


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