Recycling Rejs in Poland


The PlasticsEurope Polska Foundation has implemented various ongoing projects in Poland aimed at addressing marine litter issues. To this aim, the Foundation followed the recommendations issued by the “Global Declaration for Solutions on Marine Litter” signed by international plastics industry organisations in 2011.

The Foundation’s projects demonstrate the plastics industry’s commitment toward solving marine litter issues, through the promotion of proper human behaviour preventing litter ending up in the environment, as well as through the knowledge transfer of plastics waste management best practices. Since 2011, the PlasticsEurope Polska Foundation has also been conducting an educational programme in Poland called Recykling Rejs – odzyskuj tworzywa sztuczne (Recycling Rally – let’s recover plastics), together with environmentalist and traveler, Dominik Dobrowolski.

Recycling Rejs” is a yearly canoe rally taking place on major Polish rivers, lakes and in the Baltic sea, focusing on proper waste management practices and promoting anti-littering behaviour. These expeditions are combined with meetings with media and local communities. During these sessions, participants exchange on how to protect the marine environment from litter and to manage waste, thereby learning about recycling and resource saving. The events can be followed online on or with Rejs, where you can also find the reports from 2011-2016 events.

Recycling Rejs 2017 “From Masurian lakes to Warsaw” started on 5 June in Węgorzewo and ended on 19 June in Warsaw. At the finish in Warsaw the 7 years of the campaign was summarised: altogether over 5300 km, almost 100 days spent in the canoe, canoeing along the biggest Polish rivers, covering 5 times Vistula river, visiting 13 (out of 16) vojevodships, crossing the state border (RR 2015 from Warsaw to Berlin), reaching the Baltic Sea (the rally in 2015 along Polish seashore from Szczecin to Gdynia).

In order to extend physical reach to communities we have decided together with the partner that as of 2018 the project will turn into a more “decentralised” form: we plan to organise a series of shorter events in different areas of Poland while keeping the objective of Recykling Rejs unchanged – promoting proper behaviour patterns to prevent littering and cleaning of river and sea shores.


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