Round Table Eco Design of Plastic Packaging


The “Round Table Eco Design of Plastic Packaging” is an initiative of experts from companies along the entire value chain of plastic packaging (packaging manufacturers, food and consumer goods industry, retailers and plastic recycling) as well as scientific and consumer protection organizations. The goal of the Round Table is to promote the Eco Design of plastic packaging, principally by preparing guidelines and recommendations for the players in the value chain.

The Round Table was launched by the IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V. (German Industrial Association for Plastic Packaging) in 2014. The experts work together in accordance with established rules based on the principles of consensus and confidentiality. The members of the Round Table Eco Design of Plastics Packaging have decided to develop and promote an appropriate support package for decision makers and practitioners in the packaging, food, consumer goods and retail industry.

Project Goal: In 2019 the Round Table published a Magamenet Guidelines for the Eco Design of Consumer Plastics Packaging, comprising the following key elements: website, concise “core” guidelines for decision makers and a toolbox with internal and external links to practical guidance such as checklists, design-for-recycling tools, knowledge databases and best practice examples.

Project Outcomes

The Round Table Management Guidelines for Eco Design of Plastic Packaging aim at highlighting and implementing management procedures, strategies and methods for the development of packaging design in line with the corporate or brand environmental policies. The guidelines assist top managers, product managers, marketing directors, packaging developers and designers in the development of modern plastic packaging.

While a number of design guidelines and tools have already been developed in recent years, particularly for design-for-recycling, the present guidelines focus on communicating a comprehensive understanding of Eco design to allow an appropriate focus in the early product development phase (ideation phase) as well as the integration of Eco design into organisational procedures, including ways of resolving conflicts in objectives. In addition, the Guidelines contain a toolbox with references to specialised practical tools for the design and development of environmentally friendly packaging.

The Guidelines have been developed for plastic packaging by the Round Table Eco Design of Plastics Packaging. They are the result of an intensive stakeholder dialogue among experts from all parts of the supply chain, including packaging manufacturers, international brand-name manufacturers, retailers, and recyclers as well as consumer organisations and scientists, and aim at being as practice oriented as possible. Although they were developed with a view to Europe, the Guidelines are in principle applicable at a global level. These Guidelines make an important contribution to a circular economy in the plastics packaging value chain.

The English version will be available in October 2019.

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