Save the Bay Narragansett Bay


Save The Bay completed critical work over the first phase of a pilot initiative to reduce shoreline trash and debris at its source in Warwick, RI. Save The Bay was able to streamline its efforts and pilot a new cleanup approach in Warwick. Our cleanup work in Warwick continues to be met with strong support from the City and community and has provided us with many lessons learned about how to scale this program in year three.

Project Outcomes

Narragansett Bay and its shoreline are utilized by millions of people each year. Throughout the watershed, Save The Bay has identified specific coastal areas of concern with chronic marine debris and coastal trash issues in each area of our state. Sporadic cleanups tend to put a Band-Aid on the problem of littering and marine debris on our coastline. We have seen great success in the first two years of our targeted cleanup efforts in Warwick.

We’d now like to expand upon this work, begin piloting the initiative in other communities, develop new partnerships to combating trash and littering at these coastal sites, and gain more knowledge before we create a resource guide and launch this initiative statewide. We believe that an informed and inspired citizenry will protect Narragansett Bay for generations to come. This program will continue to engage multiple members of our staff directly with the public to address chronic littering issues how they impact Narragansett Bay and its shoreline. From working with local community groups and organizations, students, the general public, businesses, and members of local trade organizations, our staff is confident that we can engage the public in this crucial call to action and develop a model that is sustainable and replicable for years to come.

The knowledge, resources, and skills to be gained by constituents who are impacted by this program will help inspire their interest in protecting their local shoreline, connect them with the outdoors, and support them in becoming environmentally aware citizens.

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