South Africa Operation Clean Sweep Prevent Pellet Loss


In recent years and with frequency, researchers have reported that seabirds, turtles and fish are ingesting a wide variety of plastic items, including pellets that could affect their ability to breath, swallow or digest foods properly. Plastic resins are used in manufacturing of products; e.g. packaging, automotive, construction, medical and textiles. Plastic resin pellets, flakes and powders that enter the waste stream can end up in the ocean and our natural environment.

While consumers are responsible for proper recycling and disposal of consumer products and packaging, the plastic industry must focus on proper containment of plastic pellets.

The goal is to assist the plastics industry in keeping plastic pellets out of the natural environment, including waterways and oceans. In addition, for companies to sign the OCS pledge and commit to making zero pellet loss a priority.

Project Outcomes

  • Promote Operation Clean Sweep to industry
  • Develop resource materials
  • Train PlasticsǀSA training department on OCS
  • Develop systems to contain plastics
  • Reduce the amount of plastic pellets, flakes and powder discarded
  • To acknowledge their responsibility and commitment to the environment
  • Increase the knowledge on OCS and the impact on the plastics industry


  • Manage OCS programme
  • Liaise with companies and partners and ensure commitment for achieving “Zero Pellet Loss”
  • Encourage companies to sign the ‘Pledge to Prevent Resin Pellet Loss’
  • Develop OCS Content:
    • How-to-Guide for industry to raise employee awareness and accountability
    • OCS Manual, Pledge form and Audit forms
    • OCS guidelines
  • Train PlasticsǀSA’s training department on Operation Clean Sweep
  • Marketing and Communication
    • Press release
    • Share best practises with industry (Case Studies)
    • Develop marketing material

Polyoak signs OCS Declartion (PDF)