Riciclaestate (Summerecycling)


reciclaestate sustainable tourism



Riciclaestate (Summerecycling) is a historic Legambiente awareness campaign, that started in 2005, on sustainable tourism and recycling in 90 coastal municipalities of Campania and Liguria. During the three months of the campaign, a real tour takes place, involving a playful recycling lab with the distribution of information material at the beaches of the localities involved, with the aim of increasing the percentage of differentiated collection by improving the quality, collection and recycling of waste at Municipalities.


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What is COREPLA?

COREPLA is a non-profit National Consortium for the Collection, Recycling and Recovery of Plastic Waste. It comprises almost 2,700 companies active in the sector of plastic packaging. COREPLA is engaged in the collection and recovery of post-consumer packaging. It promotes the prevention of waste, organises awareness campaigns for citizens and seeks support from municipalities.