The Japan Plastics Industry Federation Declaration Activities for Solving the Marine Plastics Problem


The Japan Plastic Industry Federation has been striving to promote “resin pellet leakage prevention measures” since the early 1990s, but the “new four-year plan (2017-2020)” approved at the annual general meeting in May 2017. Based on the above, we have decided to start ” Declaration Activities for Solving the Marine Plastics Problem “, which has expanded the scope to include plastic products.

The purpose of this activity is to voluntarily promote the industry’s efforts to address the marine plastic problem and to appeal it to society.

We ask that you understand the purpose of this activity and participate in the ” Declaration Activity for Solving the Marine Plastics Problem “.

1. 1. Purpose of this activity

  • We ask the top management of companies and industry groups that support this activity to sign the “declaration” and work from the top down.
  • Each company / organization decides the specific content of the initiative and asks them to act independently.
  • The federation announces the names of the companies and organizations that have signed the declaration, and appeals to society that the industry is tackling the marine debris problem. In addition, we will proactively announce the excellent efforts of each company / organization.
  • Efforts are linked to the names of companies and organizations.
As of March 12, 2020 (53 companies, 16 organizations)
Company / organization name
Asahi Kasei Corporation
Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
Sekisui Plastics Industry Co., Ltd.
Denka Co., Ltd.
Tosoh Corporation
Toray Industries, Inc.
Japan Polychem Corporation
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Sandic Corporation
Tokyo Eco Recycle Co., Ltd.
Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.
TIBOR Co., Ltd.
Taisei Plus Corporation
Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.
Nissei ASB Machinery Co., Ltd.
Urethane Raw Material Industry Association
Japan ABS Resin Industry Association
Styrofoam Association
Polycarbonate Resin Technology Study Group
Teijin Limited
Japan Polyethylene Product Industry Association
Japan Polyethylene Heavy Packaging Bag Industry Association
Japan Polyethylene Laminated Products Industry Association
Japan Polyethylene Blow Product Industry Association
Japan Flat Yarn Industry Association
Aicello Corporation
Asahi Kasei Pax Co., Ltd.
E-Pack Co., Ltd.
Iwatani Material Co., Ltd.
Oji Bag Making Co., Ltd.
Hagiwara Industries Co., Ltd.
Kawase Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Koizumi Hemp Co., Ltd.
Kodama Resin Industry Co., Ltd.
Sun A. Kaken Co., Ltd.
Shiko Co., Ltd.
Sekisui Molding Industry Co., Ltd.
Dio Chemicals, Ltd.
Diatex Co., Ltd.
Tamapoli Co., Ltd.
Toto Molding Co., Ltd.
Toho Resin Industry Co., Ltd.
Tribe Co., Ltd.
Nissin Kasei Co., Ltd.
Nihon Matai Co., Ltd.
Hakuba Sanyo Processed Paper Co., Ltd.
Fujimori Industry Co., Ltd.
Heisei Polymer Co., Ltd.
Hokushin Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Hokuren Packaging Co., Ltd.
Mobius Packaging Co., Ltd.
Yamamune Co., Ltd.
Wako Kasei Co., Ltd.
Japan Plastic Food Container Industry Association
Foamed styrene sheet industry association
Japan RPF Industry Association
Barrier Study Group
PET Bottle Council
Polyolefin Hygiene Council
SunAllomer Ltd.
Mitsui Dow Polychemical Co., Ltd.
Sumika Logistics Co., Ltd.
Tsukiko Co., Ltd.
Japan Contact Lens Association
Bell Polyester Products Co., Ltd.
Maruishi Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Marugamegumi Co., Ltd.
Morimoto Warehouse Co., Ltd.