The Japan Plastics Industry Federation Microplastics Partnership


The Japan Plastics Industry Federation partnered with the Japan Contact Lens Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) to raise awareness for proper disposal of contact lenses to help prevent microplastics entering the environment. The partnership is in response to the growing interest in marine waste worldwide and part of the activities conducted within the JPIFs Declaration for Solving the Plastic Marine Waste Problem The Contact Lens Association signed and has pledged to carry out educational activities that will lead to the promotion of the 3Rs of plastics.

From the Japan Contact Lens Association:

According to the Japan Plastic Industry Federation, plastics contribute to various living and industrial fields, but due to improper disposal of used products and inadequate waste management, used plastics move from land to rivers. It is said that it is being discharged to the ocean through. It is reported that the amount of this plastic waste will reach 4.8 million to 12.7 million tons per year worldwide * 1. In addition, the plastic waste that has flowed out into the ocean becomes fine fragments “microplastic” due to waves and ultraviolet rays. It has been pointed out that there is a concern that harmful chemical substances such as PCBs, which are present in trace amounts in seawater, will be adsorbed and accumulated on this “microplastic”, which will adversely affect humans and ecosystems through the food chain of marine organisms. I will. As a result, regulations on the use of plastics have begun overseas. Therefore, the “Declaration Activity for Solving the Plastic Marine Debris Problem” was started with the aim of voluntarily promoting the industry’s efforts to address the plastic marine debris problem and appealing it to society. It becomes.

Amid growing social interest in “microplastics,” the Association has been investigating and considering the industry’s efforts to dispose of contact lenses and related products and materials. This time, we have agreed with the purpose of the activities of the Japan Plastic Industry Federation and have signed the “Declaration for Solving the Plastic Marine Debris Problem”. Going forward, the Association will continue to strive to ensure the proper use of users and healthy eyesight under proper distribution and sales, contribute to the sound development of the industry, and worldwide, including the microplastic problem. The industry as a whole will work to raise member companies and consumer awareness of environmental issues.

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