The Sea is Not a Dump Event in Denmark


20121001144007-bornholm_dkA highly successful second marine litter event brought together 27,000 high-level politicians, public affairs and public relations professionals, and NGOs to hear how the plastics industry is actively looking for solutions to marine litter. The main theme of the event, which took place in Bornholm, Denmark, on 15 June 2012, was ‘The sea is not a dump’ and the focus was on explaining the Global Declaration on Marine Litter and the European Waste Free Oceans (EWFO) Project. The DPF trawled 200 plastic toy boats (swan labelled) out of the small fishing harbour as an illustration of how EWFO’s methodology works (watch video).

bornholmdk02KIMO Baltic, a politician from the biggest political party in Denmark, the Head of Environmental Activities in the largest green Danish NGO and the plastics industry. The event was hailed a great success garnering extensive media coverage.