The Recycling Partnership – National U.S. Recycling Nonprofit


trp recycling nonprofitThe Recycling Partnership (TRP), previously called Curbside Value Partnership (CVP), is a national recycling nonprofit focused on improving residential recycling, nationwide. ACC has provided continual support since 2012 and has had a measurable impact in helping grow curbside recycling programs and contributing members. Curbside recycling is the easiest way for Americans to recycle yet there is still much opportunity for improvement.

TRP’s city infrastructure grants have a 7:1 match, helping it leverage a $29 million investment in the past four years. With this funding TRP continues to expand it’s community work, grow best-in-class data sets, and build out actionable resources – spreading tangible results to cities across the U.S. In 2017, TRP placed 182,000 recycling carts from Portland, Maine to St. Paul to Santa Fe, provided statewide support on best practices and messaging to Ohio and Tennessee, worked with Massachusetts to decrease contamination, and helped launch the Demand Champions Program, which strengthens domestic demand for residential mixed plastics. TRP also had the chance to expand it’s work through innovative programs in three major cities: Atlanta, Chicago, and Denver.