Vacances Propres – Destination Waste Reduction


vacances propres proper waste disposalVacances Propres is a well established non-profit organisation that promotes responsible behaviour at holiday destinations like beaches and ski resorts by encouraging proper waste disposal. PlasticsEurope joined Vacances Propres as an official sponsor at the beginning of 2011.

Created in 1971, by Franck Riboud’s initiative (Riboud is the former CEO of Danone), Vacances Propres is a joint effort from the packaging and consumer goods sectors. Among the many members of the association, are Coca Cola, Evian, Perrier, Vittel, Total Petrochemicals, Ball packaging Europe, Arcelor Mittal as well as Eco Emballages (the French Green System organisation).

For more than 40 years now, Vacances Propres has been working in close collaboration with municipalities receiving large numbers of tourists in relatively short periods of time. Communication campaigns encourage people to behave as responsibly during their leisure time as they do at home, not throwing litter away and polluting nature; and sorting their waste right on the beach! Vacances Propres’ branded waste bags and sorting equipment are at free disposal to make it easy for everyone to respect the environment.

Among its many other activities, the association also organises local actions for voluntary cleaning of leisure spots. Vacances Propres also has the full support of the French Mayors’ association (Association des maires de France).

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